What is a Chapter?

Chapters are local branches of Scholars for Society that engage directly in their local communities, foster growth and collaboration between students through volunteer opportunities, and provide informative lessons about our topics.

Why Start A Chapter?

The streamlined process and support provided by SFS ensure that you won’t be starting from scratch – prewritten materials and established procedures are at your disposal, allowing you to spend your time driving impact in your community.

Most importantly, you can address the unique needs of your community as you see fit. We understand that you may have certain interests and areas you’d like to pursue, so we’re always flexible with your goals. By starting a chapter, you’re not just joining an organization; you’re leading a movement that empowers you to make a tangible difference where it matters most.

How it works


Apply Online

Submit an application through the link below.


We’ll be in touch

We will review your application and contact you within 1-2 weeks via email.


Let’s get started

Once accepted, be sure to follow the instructions in the chapter guide. Welcome aboard!

Regional Chapters

United Kingdom






San Francisco

Los Angeles


New York

School Chapters

Clements High School

Austin High School

Dulles High School

A Y Jackson Secondary School

Elkins High School

Stevenson High School

Tomball High School

Castlebrooke Secondary School

Jordan High School


The Ladies First Project (CA)

The STEMgagement Initiative (TX)

ScholarStart (Intl.)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does founding a chapter cost?

Founding a chapter is completely free!

Do I need a team to start a chapter?

While having a team already may help, we’re always willing to help you build your team after you’ve been accepted.

I want to support your chapters. Can I donate/support in any way?

Absolutely! Scholars for Society is 100% funded through community donations and sponsors. Apply to start a chapter here (link) or donate here (link).

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