Tentative Virtual Events

In the near future, we plan on holding virtual events to increase student engagement and learning.

Our proposed choices are the following:

Mock Competition: We plan on hosting a practice test similar to our official competition. Through this competition, we hope to figure out logistics, provide a bank of sample questions that can be used to study for the official competition, and engage students in learning our topics.

Workshops: In these workshops, we will possibly teach unique topics not covered on our website or skills such as how to use reference class forecasting or use Bayesian analysis.

Webinars with Industry Leaders: We will hold talks with professors, industry leaders, and other notable figures on important issues/knowledge relating to the concepts covered on our website.

Make sure to vote for your favorite option on our Instagram story! We may end up hosting a combination of these three event types, but we value your feedback and input.

Feel free to contact us with your own proposals for online events.

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